Originally published on Jan 6, 2021 at https://nanonets.com/blog/ocr-software-best-ocr-software/ this article is a detailed review of the best OCR software .

What is OCR & what does OCR software do?

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a technology that identifies & recognizes text within scanned documents, photos or images. OCR software leverages this technology to extract data from PDFs or scanned documents by converting it into machine-readable text data that can be edited & stored more conveniently for further processing. OCR is also used in various other use cases such as extracting tables from PDFs, extracting text from images or extracting text from PDFs or other non-editable formats.

Today, OCR…

Originally published at https://nanonets.com on May 6, 2021, this article explains what a PDF parser is, its use cases & benefits.

What is a PDF Parser or Document Parsing?

A PDF parser, or PDF scraper, is a tool that extracts data from PDF documents. Document parsing is a popular approach to extract text, images or data from inaccessible formats such as PDFs.

While organizations exchange data & information electronically, a substantial amount of business processes are still driven by paper documents (invoices, receipts, POs etc.). Scanning these documents, as PDFs or images, allows businesses to share & store them more efficiently online. …

Crowd counting is an active area of research and has seen several developments since the advent of deep learning. In this blog, we’ll review in brief the Dense and Sparse Crowd Counting Methods and Techniques which can be used in a wide range of applications in industries, hospitals, crowd gathering events, and many more.

What is Crowd Counting?

Crowd counting is a technique to estimate the number of people in an image or a video. Consider the below image and make a wild guess regarding the number of people in it.

There are too many people crammed in this picture which makes it a…

This blog is a comprehensive overview of techniques for structured key-value pair information extraction from invoices. We review the latest research papers that explore this topic and towards the end touch upon how you can get started implementing these methods with respect to OCR finance, OCR accounting, invoice automation or automated invoice processing.


Around 18 billion invoices are issued each year in USA and Europe alone. Form-like documents such as invoices, purchase orders, tax forms and insurance quotes are common in everyday business, but current techniques for processing these still employ a large amount of manual effort/time or use OCR…

Medical Imaging

In this article, we will be looking at what is medical imaging, the different applications and use-cases of medical imaging, how artificial intelligence and deep learning is aiding the healthcare industry towards early and more accurate diagnosis. We will review literature about how machine learning is being applied in different spheres of medical imaging and in the end implement a binary classifier to diagnose diabetic retinopathy.

What is Medical Imaging ?

Medical imaging consists of set of processes or techniques to create visual representations of the interior parts of the body such as organs or tissues for clinical purposes to monitor health, diagnose and treat…

Originally published at https://nanonets.com on October 20, 2020, this article has been updated regularly.

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the go to file format for sharing & exchanging data between organizations, businesses & institutions. While you can view, save and print PDF files with ease, editing or attempting to scrape, parse or extract data from PDF files can be a pain; for example, have you ever tried to parse PDFs or extract tables from PDF documents?

Challenges in PDF data extraction

Obtaining and extracting data from a PDF (also known as PDF parsing) is crucial for reorganizing & presenting data according to your own…

Originally published at https://nanonets.com on September 19, 2020, this article has been updated regularly.

Extracting text from an image can be a cumbersome process. Most people just retype the text or data from the image; but this is both time-consuming and inefficient when you have a lot of images to deal with.

Image to text converters, often in-built as a sub-feature in image/document processing programs, offer a neat way to extract text from images. Tools like Snagit & OneNote among others, leverage basic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities to extract text from images. While such tools do a good job…

This article is a quick tutorial for implementing a surveillance system using Object Detection based on Deep Learning. It also compares the performance of different Object Detection models using GPU multiprocessing for inference, on Pedestrian Detection.

Surveillance is an integral part of security and patrol. For the most part, the job entails extended periods of looking out for something undesirable to happen. It is crucial that we do this, but also it is a very mundane task.

Wouldn’t life be much simpler if there was something that could do the “watching and waiting” for us? Well, you’re in luck. With…

This article is a comprehensive overview of using deep learning based object detection methods for aerial imagery via drones. We also present an actual use of drones to monitor construction progress of a housing project in Africa.

Did you know Drones and it’s associated functions are set to be a $50 billion industry by 2023? As of today drones are being used in domains such as agriculture, construction, public safety and security to name a few while also rapidly being adopted by others. …

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